Equitable Care Consulting

At the Equitable Care Certification, we offer more than just a comprehensive training program for providers and therapists. We also offer individual & organizational consulting and training, tailored to your needs and interests.


We provide expertise, training and resourcing around a wide array of identities and the most effective current approaches to social change and well-being for communities and individuals. Some of the communities and identities we honor in addition to sex workers include gender non-conforming, trans and intersex clients; lesbian, gay, bisexual and queer clients; Black, brown and indigenous clients; disabled and neurodivergent clients; as well as drug using and unhoused communities.

Our work encapsulates a theoretical framework rooted in decolonization balanced with a client-centered, lived experience-based approach. Some of the modalities and theories we honor include minority stress theory, intersectionality, anti-oppression, liberation psychology, community based accountability and restorative justice.


Some of our Consulting offerings/ Packages (to be customized by you):

  • Founder & co-founder one-on-one consulting to assess organizational impact and strategize approaches to better serve marginalized communities
  • Bespoke training focused on theoretical overview, research support and examples of client centered interventions and frameworks
  • Volunteer and staff leadership training
  • One-on-one small business consulting for those beginning work with sex workers/ marginalized populations

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Consulting Clients

Cupcake Girls

Systems of Oppression and Mental Health, 2024

The Cupcake Girls provides confidential support to those involved in the sex industry, as well as trauma-informed outreach, advocacy, holistic resources, and referral services to provide prevention and aftercare to those affected by sex trafficking.

Haymarket Pole

Clinical Procedures, 2023

“We share a common vision of our labor liberated from all oppressive structures. We are a grassroots organization based in Portland, Oregon. We focus on advocating for safe and equitable home--and workspaces for Black, Brown, Indigenous, and or LGBTQIA2S+ sex workers.”