In most traditional graduate programs, clinicians do not learn comprehensive information about systems of oppression & sex, let alone sex work. This gap in knowledge means people in the mental health field lack the competence to work with sex workers as therapy clients. Sex workers deserve non-judgmental & affirming care that holds space for the nuances of this work, while also not assuming that issues related to sex work are the presenting concern. The program is made up of twelve, 3.5 hour courses (36 AASECT CE credits). We offer SYNCHRONOUS, HYBRID, & ASYNCHRONOUS learning options.

Certified Providers

Upon completion of the twelve weeks of coursework, students will provide counseling to a sex worker for 12 sessions, pro bono. ECC will refer this client through our affiliated sex worker-led organization, Zepp Wellness Center. Additionally, as you complete these hours you are required to attend 3 hours of group supervision ‚Äď once a month for every 4¬†months of direct service. ECC will meet with each client after¬†their care to discuss your progress and provide feedback as needed.¬†This path is offered in both SYNCHRONOUS & HYBRID formats. Please Note: You do not need to be a licensed professional to choose this path.¬†Download the Direct Service & Supervision overview pdf here.

Trained Professionals

This path does not participate in Direct Service or Supervision. Upon completion of the twelve courses and all feedback forms & quizzes, students will receive their AASECT CE certificate. This path is offered in ASYNCHRONOUS format only.

Accessibility & Discounts

All of our offerings include live captioning. If further accessibility tools are needed don't hesitate to reach out!

We are proud to offer tiered pricing for financial accessibility. If you are Black, Indigenous, or a person of color you are welcome to use the coupon code: BIPOC for 25% off. If you are Unlicensed AND Black, Indigenous, or a person of color use code: UNLICENSED for 55% off. 

If you are experiencing financial hardship we offer an equity rate, as well as a limited amount of full scholarships. Apply here for our equity rate ($675) or a scholarship. The equity rate & scholarships are only available to QTGNC Black, Indigenous, people of color.


Please Note: Our LIVE cohorts have a certification registration minimum that must be met in order for us to offer the cohort. This allows us to get paid for the labor of teaching all 12 courses and hosting 3 months of supervision.

If you register for a cohort that ends up being cancelled for lack of registrations you have a couple different options: 1) We can offer you a refund, 2) You can defer your registration to the next cohort, or 3) We give you access to the online version of the certification program for Certified Providers which goes live January 1.



Course 1
Who Are Sex Workers
Learn More
Course 2
A Brief Look Throughout History
Learn More
Course 3
Systemic Oppression
Learn More
Course 4
Systemic Oppression in Healthcare
Learn More
Course 5
Sex Work, Trafficking, and Propaganda
Learn More
Course 6
Decriminalization vs. Legalization
Learn More
Course 7
Sex Shame, Addiction, and Porn
Learn More
Course 8
The Physiology of Trauma
Learn More
Course 9
Dynamics of Abuse
Learn More
Course 10
The Role of Community
Learn More
Course 11
Sex Work, Sex Positivity, and Families
Learn More
Course 12
Clinical Concerns for Working with Sex Workers
Learn More