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112. Basic Sex Ed As A Therapist Will Get You Fired?

"On today's episode, we have sex therapist, licensed clinical social worker, sex worker, and co-founder of the Equitable Care Certification, Soleil Merroir (She/They) join us for a conversation about how structural oppression is embedded in psychotherapy. Together we talk about burnout in therapy under capitalism, building a new world of connected healing, and how basic sex education can get you fired."

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ModernĀ Anarchy

115. Are Therapists Causing Harm When It Comes To Sexuality?

"On today's episode, we have therapist, educator, and sex worker Raquel Savage (She/Her) join us for a conversation about the need for a more relationally focused world. Together we talk about the healing power of intimacy, the isolation of our existential existence, and talking shit about mental health system."

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How Therapists Can Support Their Sex Worker Clients: As the field of sex work broadens, many therapists are navigating new issues

As the field of sex work expands, more therapists are encountering sex workers seeking therapy. A common mistaken assumption is that sex workers need the therapist to rescue themā€”they don't! Therapists working with sex workers are best when they approach their patients with nonjudgmental, affirmative curiosity. Therapists can, and should, seek professional education about sex work, in order to provide effective and non-discriminatory treatment.

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Unlock your team's potential with our specialized professional training sessions through a sex work affirming lens. With extensive experience collaborating with major sexual health organizations, we offer engagingĀ education led by seasoned professionals. Join satisfied organizations who've benefited from our tailored trainings. Contact us today to discuss customizing programs to meet your needs.

AASECT Pre-Conference

Bridging the gap between sex work and the sexuality professions, 2020

Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health

Sex Worker-Affirming Clinical Care: An Introductory Conversation Addressing the Complexities of Caring for Sex Workers, 2023 & 2024