Laura Baker

👤 She/They   📋 LMFT   📍Reno, NV   💬 English   🌐 Hybrid

I offer a warm and eclectic therapeutic approach, tailoring sessions with techniques like art and psychodynamic theory. I specialize in working with professionals, individuals facing grief or loneliness, and those navigating relationships. I also assist in conflict resolution for friends, colleagues, or partners.

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Gab Bilotta

👤 She/Her   📋 LPC, CAADC   📍Philadelphia, PA   💬 English   🌐 Online

Gab specializes in PTSD, substance use issues, and forensic cases. Certified in Prolonged Exposure and Cognitive Processing Therapy for trauma, she collaboratively tailors treatment to clients' needs, supporting them in achieving their goals.

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Kim Blackwell

👤 She/Her   📋 Mental Health Coach   📍Los Angeles, CA   💬 English   🌐 Online

Kim Blackwell, a trauma-focused embodiment coach and survivor of intergenerational trauma, holds certification from the IAOTRC. Raised in Watts, California, immersed in the 90's underground club scene, she is a dedicated ally of the LGBTQ community.

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Lindsay Bledsoe

👤 She/Her   📋 ALC  📍Birmingham, AL    💬 English    🌐 Hybrid

As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, social justice is central to my personal and professional life. I specialize in working with sex workers, single parents, and college-aged individuals. My focus areas include spirituality, coping skills, and trauma processing, with a strong emphasis on building self-confidence and resilience.

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Brenda Camacho

👤 She/Her   📋 MHC-LP   📍New York, NY   💬 English & Spanish   🌐 Online

As a clinician, I create a judgment-free, safe space for clients, emphasizing their strengths and guiding them to greater self-awareness. As a first-generation Mexican American woman, I recognize the impact of mental health and societal pressures in marginalized communities.

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Mingjia Chen

👤 She/Her   📋 Pre-Licensed Professional   📍Chicago, IL   💬 English & Mandarin   🌐 Hybrid

Passionate about creating a healing and growth-oriented therapy space, Mingjia tailors treatment to each client's needs, utilizing methods from various models while maintaining an LGBTQIA+ affirming and anti-oppressive environment.

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👤 She/Her    📋 Pre-Licensed Professional   📍Maryland   💬 English   🌐 Online

I create a space of equitable support, solutions, and celebration for clients, fostering authenticity. My focus includes marginalized populations such as LGBTQIA+, ethically non-monogamous, polyamorous, BDSM, and Leather communities.

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Sharon Gilliard

👤 She/Her    📋 Pre-Licensed Professional  📍Atlanta, GA   💬 English   🌐 Online

For over a decade, I've advocated for survivors, addressed challenges in sexual expression linked to fear, anxiety, and depression. I provide support for mood disorders, life adjustments, and substance use recovery, using an integrative approach combining Cognitive Behavioral, Attachment-based, and Client-Centered therapies.

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Amber Howard

👤 She/Her   📋 Trauma and Recovery Coach  📍Los Angeles, CA   💬 English   🌐 Online

Amber's previous experience as a direct service provider for chronically & formerly homeless individuals living with an array of disabling conditions including serious, persistent mental illness, substance abuse, & HIV/AIDS is largely responsible for her decision to pursue her MSW and transition into the role of therapist.

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👤 They/He   📋 MSW & Apprentice Surrogate Partner  📍Maryland & NYC   💬 English   🌐 Online

With a decade of experience, I'm committed to aiding individuals and partnerships in overcoming challenges and enhancing relationships. As a coach and surrogate partner, I focus on developing emotional, physical, and sexual intimacy through a holistic and personalized approach.

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Asha J

👤 She/Her   📋 Kink & Sound Practitioner   📍Baltimore, MD   💬 English   🌐 Online

As a Pro Domme and healing arts practitioner of 10 years, I invite you to this space for inquires or concerns around the vast realm of altered states, kink/bdsm, the spirituality behind it, and its therapeutic uses. Looking forward to working with you!

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Erum Khan

👤 She/Her    📋 Psychodynamic, EFT & CBT  📍Karachi, Pakistan   💬 English & Urdu   🌐 Hybrid

Erum Khan is a psychotherapist and researcher focusing on trauma and sexual well-being, relational healing, loss, chronic pain, and neurodiversity. She uses an integrative approach, allowing the mind and body to heal as the therapeutic journey unfolds.

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Yub Kim

👤 He/Him   📋 Pre-Licensed Professional   📍Cleveland, OH   💬 English & Korean   🌐 Hybrid

Let's explore what sexual freedom looks like for you. I am a Masters Clinical Mental Health Counseling student specializing in Sex Therapy for adults of all ages, genders, and sexualities.

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Jin Kwak

👤 They/Them   📋 Counselor   📍Kapolei, HI   💬 English   🌐 Online

Jin ia a visual artist and counselor at the Trevor Project, pursuing an online art therapy degree. As a former sex worker, Jin aspires to combine visual arts and mental health to create a healing art therapy practice for all clients.

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Lisa Martinez

👤 She/Her  📋 Curandera  📍Denver, CO   💬 English   🌐 Hybrid

Lisa specializes in curanderismo. She focuses on assisting individuals in their unique healing paths, often guiding them to reconnect with their ancestral roots. Lisa acknowledges that spiritual integration may not resonate with everyone, and there's no pressure or expectation for clients to pursue it.

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Victoria Moon

👤 She/Her   📋 ALPC  📍Philadelphia, PA   💬 English   🌐 Online

Your unique experiences matter, and I create a safe, collaborative space where you're the expert of your own story. Specializing in housing insecurity, children in care, substance abuse, and HIV, I use a strengths-based approach to empower you to celebrate your intersectionality and overcome life's challenges.

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Brenda Mora

👤 She/Her    📋 Pre-Licensed Professional  📍Miami, FL   💬 English & Spanish   🌐 Hybrid

I am on a mission to decolonize sex therapy and mentality, pushing the boundaries of traditional practices. My primary focus is on preparing and advocating for coordinated care, whether it's during various stages of treatment or in preparation for re-entry into the community.

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👤 She/Her   📋 ALMFT   📍Chicago, IL   💬 English & Farsi   🌐 Hybrid

I'm constantly searching for the multiple systems that impact the individual, whichever way that may be. I hope to emphasize your autonomy by collaborating together to work on the areas you want to work on. I take my collectivist upbringing into our work together and help you find the resources that are most beneficial to you.

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Desriée Robinson

👤 She/Her    📋 PhD, LCSW-C, CST   📍Maryland & Florida   💬 English   🌐 Online

Certified Sex Therapist & Integrative Practitioner, bringing advanced training in various individual and couples therapy styles, offering a diverse professional approach. Using an intersectional lens, I address taboo topics like implicit bias in weight/body image, impacts of racism, sexism, and capitalism.

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Eliana Rosete

👤 She/Her    📋 Case Management  📍Corpus Christi, TX   💬 English   🌐 Online

Eliana has a diverse background, including internships in group therapy and resident services management. With experience in activity therapy for diverse clientele and a focus on assisting individuals involved in sex work or affected by human trafficking.

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Raquel Savage

👤 She/He   📋 Somatic Experiencing, EMDR, TIR  📍Miami, FL   💬 English   🌐 Online

Raquel Savage is a Black, queer therapist, trained as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, certified in EMDR and TIR. She focuses on anxiety, depression, cPTSD, and supports Black & brown, queer & trans, and sex working clients, as well as survivors of sexual assault and abuse.

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👤 She/Her   📋 Sex Therapist  📍New York   💬 English   🌐 Online

I am passionate about supporting clients on their terms; forming a partnership that is affirming and supportive. I believe everyone deserves care that is thoughtfully challenging, and supportive of their mental, emotional and sexual wellbeing.

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Niah Singletary

👤 She/Her   📋 LCMHCA, CRC  📍North Carolina   💬 English  🌐 Online

Therapy with me looks like a trauma-informed, solution-focused, holistic, and collaborative process. I believe in working together to help you heal in a way that considers your life experiences, aspirations, and goals. I'm huge advocate of adult play therapy, creative expression, mindfulness and centering joy in your healing process.

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Payal Sud

👤 She/Her   📋 LCSW, MSW   📍Chicago, Willow Springs, and Joliet, IL   💬 English   🌐 Hybrid

I provide full-spectrum and client-specific treatment to children, adolescents, and adults in a warm, genuine, and safe environment. I am trained in Pranic, Reiki healing, and vibrational sound massage. Other non-talk therapy services are also provided, such as tea therapy, pet therapy, walk n' talk, food therapy, etc.

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Crystal Sunshine

👤 She/Her   📋 LCSW, MSW  📍Detroit, MI   💬 English   🌐 Online

My expertise lies in various realms, including mental health, life coaching, healing, and alternative lifestyles. I empower individuals to navigate life's challenges and find their path to inner peace and personal growth.

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Zoha Ullah

👤 She/They    📋 MSW Student   📍Chicago, IL   💬 English, Hindi, Urdu   🌐 Online

Zoha is a passionate professional entering social work graduate school with a deep passion to bridge years of experience in person-driven service with a focus on all things regenerative, healing, and creative.

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Juliana Willars

👤 She/They   📋 Pre-Licensed Professional  📍Phoenix, AZ   💬 English   🌐 Online

Juliana Willars is a neurodiverse, Indigiqueer person. She incorporates decolonial principles into counseling, rather than a universalist Western approach that expects people to adapt to harmful systems like capitalism, racism, and heteronormativity.

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Natasha Wit

👤 She/Her   📋 Pre-Licensed Professional   📍Los Angeles, California   💬 English   🌐 Online

Natasha specializes in sex working and LGBTQIA+ clients. Using an integrative, client-centered approach, she believes in affirming and challenging clients as a supportive team, valuing the client as the expert in their own life.

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Kylie Wong

👤 She/Her    📋 MFT  📍Chicago, IL   💬 English, Cantonese, Mandarin   🌐 Hybrid

How are you doing, really? Have you ever felt misunderstood, disempowered, and/or like an outsider? If any of these experiences resonate with you, please know that you are not alone in this.

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Kayla Zhang

👤 She/Her    📋 AMFT   📍Evanston, IL   💬 English & Mandarin   🌐 Online

Kayla believes in the power of genuine connection as the foundation of therapeutic relationships. Committed to creating a safe and courageous space, she offers individual, couples, and family therapy, adopting a systemic lens against oppression.

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Yunyun Zhang

👤 She/Her   📋 LPC, NCC   📍Texas & Indiana   💬 English & Chinese   🌐 Online

Dr. Yunyun Zhang is a senior therapist at Counseling and Psychological Service from Purdue University. She enjoys working with clients from diverse backgrounds and employs a culturally responsive counseling approach to provide the best care to clients.

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